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At LAUKIK SOLAR we would like to introduce ourselves as a 17 years pure renewable energy professionals and has no. of innovations to our account so far right from

Solar Thermal

Solar Domestic Water Heating- Patented - for Flat Owners / Multistoried Building individual installation

Solar Vegitable Drying System - Small to  Any Capacity.

Pressurised Solar Water Heating of 5.2Kg/sq.cm

Industrial Solar Water Heating for Processes like : Seven Tank Chemical Heating System, Gas Pre Heating System,Direct Milk Pasturisation, Alove Vera Juice Heating

Solar Water Heating - Wall & Roof intigration - Patented for Flat Plate/ ETC and Heat Pipe.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Solar Home Lighting System - Ranging from Rural to urban Requirement( POWER LED BASED )

Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant - Office and other commerial establishments - Day time Use

Solar Photovoltaic power Plant - for day -night use as well as for critical load requirement

Solar Power Plant - Gridd interactive - 1 Kw - 10 kw

Solar Street Lighting - POWER LED BASED

Solar Garden Lighting - Designer


We design fixtures as per customers LUMENS and Fixture requirement( AC/DC Both). So far We have replaced downlighting lamps of 18 W CFL / 36 W Tubelight, Decorative Lighting Lamps of 20 W & 40 Watt Bulb. There is a 40%  - 50% saving on power.We request you to visit our 'Photogallery' for our installation Photographs.we have solution for every fiting which you feel is of high power consumption.The colours available in to types 1) Cool White 2) Warm White.

We have also designed RGB Lighting for swimming pool lighting.

To get a perfect solution you need to  bring your light fitting to our office.


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Your visit to us will save money to you as we deliver very high quality products at an affordable price.We are also interested to have associates to promote our products.


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First Bulk Order for LAUKIK SOLAR for Solar Home Lighting

24/11/2009 04:02
    we are pleased to inform all that we have received order for Solat Home Lighting of 50 Nos, with mobile charging facility.The order is worth 10 lakhs. Happy selling.   Laukik Solar

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20/10/2009 17:23
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Website launched

20/10/2009 17:22
Our new website has been launched today. This is our Sincere effort to bring to your notice our achievements like new product, New Process and system developed for different customers which otherwise considered are not possible on solar. We are poised to bring more products which will save you a...

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